How did we get here?

Gold Mountain Ice Cream & Deli began as a passing thought of Ivan & Wendy Swartz of Knoxville, PA. Ivan owns and operates Swartz Electric, a division of Gold Mountain Enterprises, Inc. Wendy is an Certified Public Accountant with a small business consulting and tax practice. Knoxville is a small but busy rural town with a population of about 700 residents. There were a handful of businesses in town, but no where to buy a sandwich or a gallon of milk yet an ice cream cone. Residents would have to travel at least seven miles just to take our kids for ice cream after winning a baseball game!

In 2007 Ivan and Wendy opened for business in a small building on a side street that had been purchased years earlier at auction, but was basically sitting idle. It holds a great deal of history dating back to the early 1900's. It's history is primarily in the cemetery monument business. When entering the premises you would enjoy an original hand painted wall mural by Wendy's sister, Lori Hamblin. The mural depicts a traditional country setting with the country road leading to no where else but Gold Mountain Ice Cream & Deli. In 2012 the business moved to a Main Street location.

The new location, at 201 West Main Street also holds a great deal of history in Knoxville. It also dates back to the early 1900's as a financial institution. Originally the First National Bank but closed it's doors as Citizens & Northern Bank in the early 1970's. The building remained vacant until it became the new home of Gold Mountain Ice Cream & Deli. The first floor has given ample room to expand the business. The original vault now serves as a pantry and safe place during bad storms! The managers office is a kitchen and additions were made to the back of the building for storage and public restrooms.

In 2016 Ivan and Wendy decided to sell the business to focus their efforts elsewhere, but wanted to make sure that Gold Mountain Ice Cream & Deli stayed open and continued to operate within Knoxville, PA. Caleb & Michelle Hess of Knoxville had always had the dream and desire of one day opening their own place, and decided to purchase Gold Mountain Ice Cream & Deli to continue operations in a community they both know and love.